Quiz Machine 9000
30 Question Quiz
 Ms. Pacman
 Mazinger Z
 Proxima Centauri
 Alpha Centauri B
 New York City
 Atlantic City
 Dick York
 Dick Sargent
 Dick Clark
 Dick Van Dyke
 Night Blindness
 George Carlin
 Andrew Dice Clay
 Chris Rock
 Mickey Mouse
 Porky Pig
 Daffy Duck
 Bugs Bunny
 The Outer Limits
 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
 The Twilight Zone
 Night Gallery
 Castle Arrrgh
 Castle Anthrax
 Swamp Castle
 White Castle
 He wasn't in the film, had nothing to do with it and probably didn't exist. The 'including himself' bit was put in to confuse you and the hand bit is just random
 Sir Bedevere
 Sir Launcelot
 Sir Robin
 Sir Galahad
 The production company went bankrupt
 Low ratings
 To make room for "Gunsmoke"
 Complaints from TV critics
 Jeff Probst
 Pat Sajak
 Alex Trebek
 Regis Philbin
 Beverly Hills, 90210
 Facts of Life
 Gimme a Break
 The Price is Right
 To Tell the Truth
 This is Your Life
 Twenty One
 The Flintstones
 The Simpsons
 Baby Blues
 Dark Angel
 Buffy The Vampire Slayer
 Microsoft and Microprose
 Atari and Electronic Arts
 Atari and Infogrames
 Electronic Arts and Infogrames