Corporate Crime in International Context: Syllabus

Inquisitorial compared with Adversarial Systems
Custom and Codification; treaty ratification
Tort and Crime
Standard of Proof

Corporate Criminal Capacity
    National Laws US UK FR GER

    International Law
    Violations / Ordnungswidrigkeiten

Elements of Crime - Tatbestand
    Mens Rea - Schuldbewusstsein
        General Intent
        Specific Intent - Dolus Specialis
    Actus Reus - Handlung

    International Courts
        Tribunals - Nuremburg, Tokyo, ICTR, ICTY

    National Courts

    In Personam
        Passive Personality Principle
        Active Personality Principle
        Protective Principle
    In Rem


Crimes against the person
    Jus Cogens Crimes:
        Piracy, Slave Trade,
        Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity
    Torture, Child soldiers? Terrorism?

Crimes against property
    Bust out Bankruptcy
    Tax Evasion / Fraude Fiscale

Financial Crimes
    Money Laundering
    Insider Trading (Stock Fraud)
    Market Manipulation
    Bribery FCPA, UN Conv., UKABA

Inchoate Crimes
    Complicity (Aiding and Abetting; Accomplice; Accessory)
    Misprision/Concealing a Crime
    Obstruction of Justice

    Double Criminality
    Constitutional Prohibitions of Extradition; Capital Punishment and Extradition
    Extradition Treaties

Piercing/Lifting the Corporate Veil (Durchgriffshaftung)

Corporate Governance
     Corporate Social Responsibility
     Shareholder Activism