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A dominant strategy is a move or series of moves in a game which, no matter what move or moves the opponent makes will always have a positive payoff.

For example, in the solved game? tic tac toe? also known as noughts and crosses: the first player should always pick the center square. That strategy dominates because it both blocks the maximum number of wins for the opponent, while enabling the maximum possible wins for one's self.

The minimax? algorithm is an attempt to develop an algorithm which will attain a dominant strategy for any game to which it is applied.

The CIA is an example of an organization which pursues dominant strategies. Ideally, to the CIA, no matter what move the opponent makes, the United States wins, though some opponent moves will result in greater payoffs than others. Simply because a strategy is dominant does not mean it attains the optimal? payoff. A non-dominant strategy can result in greater payoff.

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