The School and the Stick 老 者 孝 教 号 考

老 者 孝 教

Sometimes it’s useful to study characters visually by looking at graphically related characters which are often also semantically related. Here’s the story:
The kid showing filial piety at school gets tested on his numbers. His teacher is an old man.

老lao3 old an old man sitting down on the dirt 土 with a spoon 匕 next which he uses to eat soup since he has no teeth what with being old and all, his walking stick is right next to him.

者zhe3 -ing suffix walking stick between heaven and earth.

孝xiao4 filial piety back when the old man was a young kid 子 he was a 子 not a bi匕. 孝 => 老

教jiao4 the kid is at school 学校 showing fililal piety to his teacher 教授 which is good because the teacher holds the rod of correction in his hand 夂zhi

号hao2 number 0, 1。。。

考kao3 examination



Zhe Hai Zi Biao Shi Xiao Dao Zai Xue Xiao De Dao Ce Shi Dui Ta De Hao Ma. Ta De Lao Shi Shi Yi Wei Lao Ren.

This was machine translated and I think the haoma part is a bit wrong in fact. The rest looks good to me fml because it’s probably also flawed.