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Xi West is a Nest 西


West is a Nest: 西xi1 is a stylized and simplified picture of a bird’s nest. Because Birds were thought to nest at night in the West the bird’s nest becomes a symbol of the idea of West.


洋yang2 is the ocean. 3 drops of water on the right are the key to unlocking the meaning, this character has something to do with water. Tthe sound clue is on the right. 洋 sounds like 羊 sheep. What sounds like “sheep” and has something to do with water? The ocean. To the ancients vast flocks of sheep flowed like the whitecaps of the ocean! Poetic!


衣yi1 is a picture of a guy in a Chinese robe. Dot on top is his head the horizontal line in the middle are his arms legs are the two vertical lines below. The clothes are fancy wagnhich is why there’s a couple other small lines in there, they indicate fine clothing pockets etc. Chinese writing is organized around pictures, and symbols, linked by rhymes instead of spelling and is more figurative and metaphoric than Western writing. These words show that. 西装 rhymes with 西洋 连衣裙lianyiqun and 裙子qunzi are more common forms for dress and skirt respectively.

Decoded: Xi Jin Ping favors candidate Yang.

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