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I am most interested in unsolved games ?. More exactly I am most interested in asymmetrical games ? with imperfect information? and random? elements. I am interested in both negative sum games? and positive sum games?. I am mostly uninterested in zero sum games? because 1) Zero sum games have already been analyzed in depth in most game theory literature. 2) Zero sum games are generally a simplification used to analyze negative sum games 3) Most people incorrectly consider negative sum games to be zero sum games.

I would like to understand dominant strategy theory.

I am interested in solved games? but am a bit more interested in unsolved games?.

I am also interested in probability? especially the "monty hall?" problem. I am not interested in baye's theorem?.

Essentially I wish to develop an optimal? heuristic? for unsolved asymmetric games with imperfect information and random elements. Perfect play is impossible under so many constraints, but "good" and "bad" play is clearly possible and an optimal heuristic can be developed for such games.

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