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How to learn Chinese characters

How to learn Hanzi: 1) Learn the Kangxi radicals first. They are the alphabet (syllabry). then

2) Learn the pictograms and 3) learn the idograms. These are your base.
Pictograms are pictures of real things. Ideograms are abstract symbols.

a) The same picture element can be used to represent different visual things! 月 is a picture of the moon. It is ALSO a picture of a side of ribs! 厶 is a picture of a clenched fist and flexed arm. It is ALSO a picture of a silkworm!

b) phonetic and pictorial elements are mutually reinforcing. Phonetic clues are also semantic clues! Picture sound and meaning reinforce each other in complex characters! The phonetic clues are NOT arbitrary. No character is arbitrary.

c) Chinese is a RHYMING WRITING SYSTEM. So instead of spelling its a) syllables which b) RHYME. FINALS not Initials are what matter.

d) learn the six methods of forming characters (pictogram ideogram associative idea character, phono-semantic character, indicative transfer character, transliteration)

Learn characters in series of similar ones and relate them to each other. Example: 人认仁从众 Learn them as a group, much easier.

Use mnemonics. CAI collect all images 彩 pluck a some shade and light beside a tree!

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