machine translation of poetry lol “Climbing Stork Tower”.

白日依山尽 bai ri yi shan jin
黄河入海流 huang he ru hai liu
欲穷千里目 yu qiong qian li mu
更上一层楼 geng shang yi ceng luo

Day after day
The Yellow River flows into the sea
Take it to the next level

Google… this is classical Chinese poetry. Not rap music.

Here’s my translation.

“The bright sun to the mountain goes

the yellow river to the ocean flows

the poor desire to see a thousand miles more

then climb up to a higher floor”

Maybe baidu does it better? Surprisingly it doesn’t do much better (usually does a better job than google translating Chinese).


Day by day

The flow of the Yellow River into the sea

in order to see far away

Take it to the next level


Maybe yandex??


Day by day
Yellow River into the sea
For a thousand miles
To the next level.