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“she has earned this”

While there might be some truth (or no truth at all) to Elizabeth Warren’s family legend the fact is she has no idea which tribe, if any, her purported ancestor was a member of. First nations don’t use DNA testing. This is partly because like any other nation you can be naturalized into one of the first nations. No one ever stopped her from seeking tribal enrollment; were her claims true she would simply seek to enroll. I am not an advocate of blood quanta, or even recognizing CIDB as something other than the latest chapter in anglo genocide of the first nations. Although I might well agree with Warren’s policies, which do you think is likelier:
a) Warren’s ancestors were “sooners” who YET AGAIN ignored the anglos own laws to settle illegally on Indians’ land and then compounded one fakery with another.
b) Warren has no idea which tribe her purported ancestor was because (fill in any excuse here).
Whether Warren knows it or not, intends it or not, her myth making is one more example of whitewashing genocide. Like most other white people, she profited personally as an heiress to conquest and genocide as well as academically and then seeks to play the victim to profit politically too: her subjective ideas about her family myth don’t change the objective facts. She should simply apologize in public for her mythomania so that she and the President can get back to the business of good government.

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