Side Hustle: Similar looking pianpang

廴 yin3

long road. Sometimes reported as long legged strider, which does’t seem to be the case; this is also not a picture of a stylized and simplified hand overtaking a person. It is variant of

彳 chi4

road, walk to emphasize the road is VERY long.

辵 chuo4 ⻍, ⻎ or ⻌

walk abbreviated form: 辶 (may have one or two dots on top, may have a curve in the middle left depending on font). These four all seem to be expressing the same idea. It’s a road, and/or a person walking along it. Yin just happens to be a much longer road.

None of the above are t to be confused with

及 ji2

which is a hand on the right grabbing a person on the left, as a symbol of:
to overtake, exceed, catch up to. No road here, just a chase and a catch. Nor to be confused with

乃 nai3

thus, then, hence: mother’s breast as symbol of consequence. No road here either.